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Amazon Reimbursement & Returns

We are aware of how difficult inventory reconciliation may be. We at Amazon Uprise wish to make it simpler for you because of this. On Amazon, thousands of transactions go place every day, so mistakes and inaccuracies could cost you money.

When you need to maintain track of all pending or lost items at the fulfillment center, managing your FBA Seller account can get burdensome. If Amazon FBA does truly owe you money, it’s imperative to request those unpaid reimbursements even if you can’t regularly monitor your seller account. Don’t worry; we’ve got it all covered when it comes to refunds and reimbursements, which can become a little time-consuming and confusing.


Just Focus on What you do Best, and we'll handle the rest.

How We Work

Did you know that unless the seller requests it, Amazon won’t handle a refund? 
The majority of automated refunds and reimbursements do not fully compensate for inventory damage. 
You could not be receiving what Amazon owes you for a variety of reasons. 
Our team of Amazon professionals thoroughly examines any potential problems and circumstances in which you could be entitled to a refund. 
You may unwind, relax, and concentrate on expanding your business while our team contacts Amazon and opens a fresh case on your behalf.

We Can Assist You

We recognize the value of time. 
We think that merchants shouldn’t waste valuable time just looking at their accounts. 
For you to be able to concentrate on what counts, we are here to help you get your money back. 
Contact us right away to learn more.

How We Operate

Our refund specialists scan your account and perform manual checks as soon as you join up with us. 
We review the data from the previous 18 months and submit requests for FBA inventory reimbursement to Seller Central support. 
Additionally, we examine every aspect of your Amazon seller account to determine whether you have been overcharged for any Amazon fees (such as listing fees due to incorrect categorization or updates to your product weight and dimensions).

What Is Included in Our FBA Reimbursement Service?

Our team of Amazon professionals can assist you with some of the most important areas of your business in addition to handling refunds. It’s time to start managing what occurs in your company.

Complete Review

So that no units that go through fulfillment by Amazon are missed, we look into your account and gradually discover missing and damaged inventory.


To make sure you receive fair compensation, we keep track of missing or damaged items at the Amazon warehouse.

Damaged Items

Furthermore, we make sure that replacement items shipped are delivered on time and that goods damaged by the inbound shipper are identified. We've won.

Return Processing

Additionally, we manage returns and make sure that the received orders and the reimbursements line up. We also guarantee that there are no overages; each time a consumer returns an item, they will only be reimbursed for the original amount they were charged. We don't want you to be charged for any dimensions, weight, or Amazon commission fees.

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